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steam changes life

The name SALAV is inspired by the Seine River in France, meaning “That’s life!” in French.

Enjoying a free and elegant life is the ideal of everyone. The founder of SALAV, inspired by the age-old French design conception featuring fashion and vogue, forged this brand to advocate a “free and elegant” concept of life, and incorporated such a concept in his products.


18th Century

1G steam engine was first used to drive the water pump in mines

19th Century, Steam Revolution

Steam became the major power source of transport and industry and triggered the first industrial revolution

20th Century, Peak of Steam Power Development

Steam was mainly used in power station, factories, locomotives and ships, etc

Steam Changes the World

In 1689, British engineer Thomas Savery invented a steam engine transporting water in the coal mine.

In 1712, Thomas Newcomen invented the enforced version of the water-transporting steam engine. Since then, steam had been widely used as a power in such fields as steam ships and locomotives.

In 1860, Scottish inventor and mechanic John Watt made the most important invention about steam application. The steam engine was not only used in the mine industry, but also in metallurgy, textile and machine manufacturing.

The steam power became the major energy used in industry as well as land and maritime transport. The invention of steam engine kicked off the era in which machines replaced hand tools, triggered the first industrial revolution and brought about the most fundamental changes in the world.

High-temperature steam caneffectively sterilize noxious bacteria such as escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureaus, etc with the sterilization rate of up to 99%.
High-temperature steam is strongly penetrating and volatile, effectively removing the odor and stubborn stains on the materials.
Mite eggs can survive on the carpet for months. High-temperature steam can effectively kill mites and mite eggs hiding in the fabrics.

Steam Changes Life

In the 20th century, steam gradually phased out of industry and got into people’s daily life in a graceful manner.

The high-temperature, clean, environmentally friendly and efficient steam has now widely used in daily life. For instance, we can use the steam to humidify, cook, clean, beautify, iron, sterilize and remove the odors. Various steam products have come into being.

With  increasing high demands for life quality and seeking of healthy home life and environment, SALAV steam products arrive just in time to add a great glamour to the healthy family life.