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Nobel economist for Bellede to Pulse global layout

Date:2018-02-05 Hits:

September 6, a couple of internationally renowned Nobel economist Professor Phelps, director of the District council and Xinhua Business School, and a line of visits to Salav Bellede. General manager of the company to Professor Phelps and accompanying people, introduced the brand development process and product development strength. During this period, Professor Phelps highly recognized Salav Bellede's innovative philosophy and global branding strategy.

"Innovation requires creativity, imagination and the courage to explore uncharted territory," Prof Phelps said. "The professor believes that traditional values hinder or even limit the development of innovation, when modern values as the dominant thought, will bring imagination, creativity and the courage of reform, and through a series of changes in the end, will promote the development of modern economy, to achieve a better life."

This coincides with Bellede's commitment to "bring quality life to global users". Over the years, Salav Bellede by virtue of technological innovation and product upgrades, with its innovative core technology to lead the market, for the global user to bring intimate, high-quality, user-friendly product experience and services. 2012, Bellede to the independent brand "Salav" to carry out the global layout strategy, just one year time, Salav has successfully stationed in New Wave, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, Japan, Egypt and other stores.